We specialise in building repair and reinstatement and have worked for businesses, loss adjusters, insurance companies and property owners across, Fife, Tayside, Edinburgh and the Central Belt. 

We provide a comprehensive service from initial emergency clean ups or dry downs right through to full reinstatement of damaged properties. Prior to any building repairs taking place, we can provide a schedule of works. This helps the property’s occupier understand the logistics of the project and helps us manage the project efficiently and effectively.



S Ewing & Sons endured the violent storms over the past many years and assisted home owners & companies with roof covering and gutter repair works as a result of thunderstorm damage. We go the additional mile usually contacting your insurance policy adjuster and assisting them in finishing the assessment of your damages. Storms usually inflict significant damage on property in particular to homes. One of the most common causes is trees dropping on the roof covering and damaging the building or roof tiles and slates being dislodged during high winds. Heavy snowfall can also trigger roofing systems to collapse as could a lightning strike.



Regrettably, fire is not an unusual event and in some cases smaller fires can cause a significant level of damage causing your house or business premises uninhabitable. Our primary goal is to alleviate some of the many stresses by means of re-establishing your premises to its original state as swiftly and extensively as is possible.



Damage caused by water can be progressive. The longer the water flows or wet conditions are present, the more is actually absorbed and the greater the recovery problem is. Simply stopping the original source of the incoming water will not halt additional water damage, although it is obviously a crucial first stage. Whether or not the water damage emanates from a pipe, river or a roof structure, the correct management of the drying in addition to the repair process is critical. From a leaking roof or a burst pipe to a tap left running, escaped water could potentially cause considerable damage to your property. S Ewing & Sons Insurance Contractors can provide you with a quotation as well as take care of the necessary repairs for a number of water damage problems which include:

  • Leaking roof

  • Bath overflow

  • Burst pipes

  • Stains on plasterwork

Insurance Renovation
Insurance Renovation


S Ewing and Sons Ltd have experience in the field of structural and subsidence repairs. Our wide range of structural expertise and repair strategies cover a variety of structures RANGING from normal domestic properties to large structures and to civil engineering projects including foundation work and retaining walls.